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1. Why does silicone rubber mold have few molding times?


The silicone rubber mold has few molding times is due to following reasons: adding too much silicone oil which will destroy the molecular of silicone rubber; making the mold for small and fine detailed products with higher hardness silicone rubber which is easy to break; making the mold for large products with soft silicone rubber which will reduce the tensile and tear strength of the mold, and the mold will have deformation. Thus, we should take the proper silicone rubber to make the mold for suitable products.


2. Why does the mold made of silicone rubber have an unsmooth surface with tracks and strips on it?


It's due to product or model to be molded should hasn't been sanded or polished. If the mold or product is not sanded or polished, the mold made of whatever quality silicone rubber will not be good and smooth enough since the mold or product itself is not smooth or perfect. Another case is that uneven brushing of the release agent will also bring about non-smooth of the mold.


3. Why does the addition cure molding silicone rubber cures after a long time?


In spite of the correct proportion of the curing agent and the silicone rubber, the mold silicone rubber needs a quite long period for curing at the room temperature, because it can be completely cured by heating up the temperature and stress.

The general proportion of silicone rubber and curing agent is 10:1 and their reactions are as follows.

The silicone rubber will be cured in 6 hours at the temperature of 50 íŠ

The silicone rubber will be cured in 2-3 hours at the temperature of 80 íŠ

The silicone rubber will be cured in 30 minutes at the temperature of 100 íŠ

The silicone rubber will be cured in 15 seconds at the temperature of 200 íŠ


4. How to deal with the mold which has a dry surface and non-dry internal layer during the using of the silicone rubber?


The mold silicone rubber, which belongs to the condensation cure silicone rubber, is cured by absorbing the moisture in the air. During the mold making process, the water content in the silicone rubber is dried but not adding supplementing appropriate amount of water, so the above phenomenon arises. The salutation is that phenomenon is not a quality defect; it arises because the water content is not well controlled in order to prolong the shelf life of the silicone rubber, proper amount of 0.05% water is enough to be added into the silicone rubber for even mixing during use.



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